Creating New Horizons

Decisions on a Vision for a Company with Ambitious Goals is not just about the words but the purpose, and as Fluxart emerges from the shadows and becomes known to the world, we wanted to set the tone for how we can inspire, and deliver on our sustainability values.

We believe that our future generations need to connect, and have a sustainable future without taking more from the earth, and we need to think from the beginning of any journey about the footprint we leave behind. As we bring our children into the world, we want them to have the freedom to explore, and see the world for themselves, come into contact with the amazing opportunities people have made in their lives, and learn directly. A huge challenge though faces us, the Climate cannot support the fossil fuels we have been fuelling the growth we have seen, and as we look deeper at our behaviours they will demand of us to look for better and new horizons.

A global transition towards more use of renewable energy and less use of fossil fuels is heading towards widespread adoption of alternative fuel transportation options to meet mid-century climate targets and reduce air emissions associated with transportation, including aviation, and maritime

First we worked on the technology, then the market, and then we decided to re-frame our challenges and pivot, to ensure we had the best approach to our visioning we took on board the challenge of the Sustainable Aero Labs, in Hamburg a team collected a group of four mentors who would take us through a journey.

They started with our proposition and developed a venture document, and set of objectives, and we are working on these, and the first in the list is to develop our funding, and work beyond the relatively short runway we have to gain an accelerated pathway to delivering on our technology with impact.

To Deliver Zero Emissions for Mobilty

We have decided to accelerate our plans with Heavy Duty Vehicles, and refine our offering with a vision for the next horizon.

To deliver Zero Emissions Solutions for Mobility

We are welcome to your feedback as we grow opportunities, and focus our energy on the Thermal Management challenges of Cryogenic Hydrogen in our Motors and Drives. We have been building Heat Exchangers and see the opportunity in other mobility solutions which will leverage liquid H2.