Fluxart Wish you a Happy Holiday Season

Fluxart is pleased to wish a holiday message as we leave 2021 and we wanted to share our highlights of the year of Sustainable aviation 
1. The Startups

We have seen the fundamentals for investors in Hydrogen Aviation develop

  • Universal Hydrogen
  • ZeroAvia
  • H2 Fly
  • Cranfield Aerospace
2. Fly Zero - with Aerospace Technology Institute
  • Liquid Hydrogen Fuel chose above all of the other options for the Regional, Single Aisle and Longer Range 279 pax options
  • Hybrid Electric Fuel Cells in consideration
3. ZeroE with Airbus
  • Further progress with ZeroE Concepts - in particular Podded Turboprop
  • A380-Test Bed demonstrators being prepared
  • SAFRAN developed a Hydrogen Gas Turbine for initial demonstrator flights for contrail performance with DLR, and Airbus
  • Fuel Cell - superconducting ASCEND progress
4.Fluxart Founded
  • Selected for Scottish Enterprises HDV Zero Emissions Heat Exchanger
  • Developed new partnerships and bid Cyrobus for Future Flight
  • Selected and being mentored under the Sustainable Aero Lab, Hamburg