Fluxart was selected from over 200 applications spanning 43 countries, the final dozen will now each receive up to £100,000 in funding and undergo a months-long programme of mentoring and development, and to accelerate the development of our Cyrogenic Motors leveraging Superconducting technology for Aviation.

The Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) has announced its 2023 start-up cohort. Twelve clean energy start-ups, selected from over 200 applications spanning 43 countries, have gained a place on the award-winning TechX Clean Energy Accelerator programme, which begins in late February 2023.

The process will also see them tap into NZTC’s global energy network, including support from the programme’s industry partners bp, Equinor and ADNOC.

NZTC says it hopes the process will help drive the “trailblazing solutions” developed by the early-stage companies, all of which can support the sector’s route to net zero by 2050.


The start-ups selected are:

  • ACUA Oceanhydrogen power train technology to propel unmanned surface vessels
  • Electrogenosnovel catalyst and electroplating process for alkaline electrolysers
  • Fluxartcryogenic superconducting hydrogen motors to decarbonise aviation
  • Hydrowheelnovel inflatable waterwheel technology, generating renewable energy from tidal power
  • MESPACspace-based metocean survey intelligence for offshore renewable energy
  • Myriad Wind Energy Systemsmodular multi-rotor wind turbines
  • Parallel Carbondirect air capture technology that utilises renewable energy and abundant minerals
  • PuriFire Labscryogenic carbon capture technology
  • Wastewater Fuelsmicrobial electrolysis cells for green hydrogen production from wastewater
  • Waterwhelmforward osmosis desalination technology to enable energy efficient hydrogen production in regions of fresh water unavailability
  • WaveXfoundation-free wave energy converter, deployed within seabed
  • Windsweptscalable kite wind turbines with lightweight and efficient blades