Have a Merry and Sustainable Christmas

As we leave 2021 we wish our partners and customers many thanks and hope that this Christmas the opportunity to take a sustainable look into 2022 brings us back together with more focus on accelerating technology to shape the future of flight.

We have thought of 10 things which could change our future aviation

  • Rapid acceleration of Green Hydrogen with Electrolysis costs coming down
  • Development of the Renewable Source of Electricity Off Shore Wind, Solar PV
  • Expanded use of Nuclear as a clean energy source, teamed with Small Modular Reactors for base load
  • Liquefaction plants for small scale distributed production, and Cyrogenic Test Facilities
  • Airport infrastructure assessment and planning acceptance for the compliance with HS&E regulations on Hydrogen Storage at Airfields.
  • Airline Operators working closely with Governments to gain support to fund accelerated hydrogen technology adoption
  • Regulators working closely with startups and scale ups to develop the certification for larger Hydrogen Aircraft
  • New Market Opportunities to bring Private Equity along side government support to fund
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels being developed with eFuel Fischer Tropsch and with Green Hydrogen as the feedstock
  • Flying Public being informed on the safe operations of Hydrogen

We have no doubt that we can bring more value to future of flight in 2022 and have lots of ground work in place with our pilot projects and looking forward to sharing and collaborating more.