Key Markets

  • Fleet Replacement in the 60-79 seat market is looking like a large growth market
  • Mobility for Regional Aircraft will increasingly become Zero Emissions with Hydrogen
  • Motors from 1-2MW are ideally sized

Outlook from JDAC June 2021 suggests they see a growth in the market for regional aircraft and will certainly see aircraft which don't exist today emerging.

JDAC Strategic Planning and Marketing Department - June 2021

Embraer and ATR have some thoughts with concepts of Hydrogen regional aircraft in the time line for 2030. It is unlikely Airbus step Into this market with their Joint Venture with the Italian Leonardo, ATR.

In the age of environmental, social and governance priorities that dominate corporate policy and communication, building any thing else would be the wrong decision.

We note that Airbus, Embraer ZeroAvia, Universal Hydrogen and FlyH2 had justification for Hydrogen powered Turboprop aircraft and this market data supports this decision.

Embraer Hydrogen Energia Concept for 2030 - one of four options

Fluxart is readying for the 1-2MW motor decision depending on the architectural decisions at the whole aircraft and airport level. Whichever way we need to move to bring the benefits of cryogenic Hydrogen into the motor with our thermal management systems And cryogenic motors And drive.